I’ll toast to that

This was fabulous. Had a lovely bottle at Muzzaluna






I totally judge a book by its cover, especially cookbooks. This looks fab.


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Bedtime smoothie snack attack


A reasonably healthy snack (mangoes, sweet Georgia peach, Haagen Das raspberry sorbet and a dash of ice cold water) that can masquerade as a treat.


And it’s finished every time…

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Bison tartare

“Tartare” means raw. “Bison” means bison. Yum.


I don’t eat testicles


Not nutty about nuts. But Clementine says that it tastes like chicken.

I’ll trust her on that.


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Robert Hall wine dinner at HoDo

I am tempted to live blog this, but I think I will just eat, drink, and enjoy a night out with our co-bloggers.



Robert Hall Wine Dinner at the HoDo

A lovely dinner at the HoDo with delicious food, Robert Hall wine and my three favorite winos.


Road food and bad spelling

I had a nice long bike ride this week, which included a stop at a little gas station/deli for breakfast. It was horrible but delicious, and wonderfully spelled.



And who said I don’t like leftovers?


Last night’s meal by Stuart was Delicioso. Believe it or not, leftover polenta is even better the next day. I made this for breakfast after a long bike ride. My version of a breakfast burrito sans Tortilla…I’m never going for the wrapped version again.

Thank you Stuart. Love, Diane

P.S. Stuart claims I don’t like leftovers. What I really don’t like is bad leftovers.

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No one ever said this before

Earlier, our oldest daughter was rejecting the various peaches and nectarines offered to her. In frustration, Diane barked, “I am not going to waste two pieces of stone fruit on you.” Has anyone ever said that before? Somehow, I doubt it.

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