Fish what?

When I was a little girl I was an incredibly picky eater.  I suspect grape jelly sandwiches made up nearly half of my meals eaten from the age of three until eleven.  Fortunately, my mother blessed the family with homemade bread and buns, so those sandwiches always tasted good.

That being said, it should come to no surprise when, as a teenager who was finally starting to shed being terrified of food, I cringed when I heard that my father was making a traditional Norwegian Fish Pudding for Christmas Eve dinner.  Perhaps if I were trying to escape the wasting influences of my urban life (maybe just like this woman below), I would have appreciated the pudding more (or else I would have been too frozen and starving to think about it).

Perhaps that’s how the kids felt tonight when the big announcement came that dinner would be:  Thai fish cakes.

“Do we have to eat it, too?” asked Little G, eyes wide with horror.

In a moment of fish pudding induced weakness I broke our new dinnertime rule (we all eat the same food) and said “No, you can have a peanut butter sandwich.”


Stuart took stock of what we had for veggies (I think my new favorite vegetable is the white eggplant—really it’s so gorgeous) and threw together this:

It was really good.  And seriously spicy (only one Thor jalapeno!)…we both wept from the heat.

Also, I think I probably would have been better off those many years ago had the words fish and pudding not been used to describe that Christmas Eve dish.  Note to self:  next time we will serve Thai fish rounds.

And cake for dessert.


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