Crockpot Apple Sauce

Last year during a serious Northern Plains blizzard we lost our apple tree.   That was a sad, sad day.

I’ve heard that most apple trees produce fruit every other year.  Not this one…we had loads of apples four years in a row, and then the wind took our tree down.  I must admit, I don’t really miss the tree.  It was quite a chore to pick up apples that had fallen to the ground.  Mowing over the apples (Stuart, you did that more than once) created an even bigger mess.  And the yellow jackets really loved the fruit.  But while I don’t miss the tree so much, I really miss the fruit.

Fortunately, our house is flanked on both side by neighbors with still-standing apple trees who are willing to share their crops.

We did lots of cooking with apples this past weekend…and given the overflowing bag in the garage we will be doing much more.  Sunday the girls did all the prep for the apple sauce, taking turns with the apple slicer/peeler/corer (seriously, who is Mrs. Anderson and how amazing is she to have invented this beauty?).

Of equal importance, please notice the blue nail polish.  Little G thinks it looks especially “classy” published on this blog.

I highly recommend trying it.

Crockpot Apple Sauce

Throw the whole batch of peeled and sliced apples into the crockpot.

Drizzle with 2 tablespoons lemon juice.

Add 2 table spoons brown sugar and 1 cinnamon stick.

Cook on low for 4-6 hours depending on your desired level of chunkiness.


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