that’s a wrap

Last year I started making a conscious decision to significantly decrease the amount of processed foods that I buy.  I’m not perfect, but yesterday’s quick grocery run was a proud one for me:

  1. chicken breasts
  2. milk
  3. eggs
  4. oatmeal
  5. wheat germ
  6. whole wheat flour
  7. honey
  8. kosher salt
  9. bananas
  10. avocado
  11. good wisconsin cheddar cheese aged 9 months
  12. Archer Farms salsa from Target (my new favorite since leaving Trader Joe’s behind and the only non-whole food in the bunch—but I can read and pronounce all the ingredients, a good sign)

I started making these homemade tortillas last summer and they became an instant hit.  I follow the recipe pretty closely, but decrease the water to approximately 3/4 cup, depending on the consistency of the dough.  I also don’t use any oil on the pan at all.  In all it takes about 45 minutes total to make a dozen—approximately 20 minutes is active time.

Little G likes to roll the dough (odd shapes make this a fun project—last night she rolled out what she thought looked like the state of Maine) and Sweet A is in charge of the stove and has it down to a science when to flip.  She also likes to put a pinch of salt on the pan before the I toss on the dough.

I threw together my favorite easy chicken fajita recipe and we had a tasty, quick dinner free from processed food.

Chicken fajitas taste pretty great wrapped in Maine, Texas, and Florida.


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One thought on “that’s a wrap

  1. wayne says:

    Well, I am finally getting around to remembering that this creative, wonderful blog is there for my reading. Yes I did read the one about fish pudding, but until you actually show it on your blog, i will continue to believe that you really do not like it. The chicken fajita recipe looks great, but some how now that there are only two of us, it seems that we find eating out less expensive than gathering together all of the ingredients. So last evening we went out to our only mexican restaurant in town, not a la-com-puke, and the tortillas were tough and hard. So maybe it is back to the kitchen. You have a great blog and it is fun to read.

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