O-live you, olives!

I have always had more of a salty tooth than a sweet tooth. Anything savory or salty is my downfall…good bread, pickles, pretzels, and olives. I love olives. Or o-live olives. The little one and I like to take turns shouting “I love you” at one another and I like to throw in a little olive word play on occasion.

I really do love olives, though. I can make due with a jar of kalamatas from the local grocer. But what I really like, lately, is warmed olives. After a dinner out with Stuart and Diane, at a lovely little bar, where we shared some warmed olives and crostini, I decided I could do this at home. At any time of the day or night. For any occasion, say my mother’s birthday or a casual dinner while watching football, or because it was Tuesday.

It is very simple and very yummy. I find the most interesting jar of olives I can, preferably one that has a brine that includes wine. I dump into a saute pan, turn it on to medium low heat and give it a few shakes. Put it in a pretty bowl with a dish for pits on the side and watch them disappear. Even the littles love them!

I think I might need some right now.


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