Diane 1, Bunnies 0

Despite those nasty little bunnies that were munching my garden all summer…I have carrots!  Loads of them.

I just pulled our crop out of the ground.  It’s been a long fall so the carrots were able to stay snug in the gorgeous coal colored earth well into November.  Lucky for us— that means extra sweet and crispy carrots for weeks to come.

Now the challenge:  eating them all before they lose their crunch.  I try not to bake sweets too much because I have very limited self-control around baked goods.  I may make a carrot muffin batch or two, but really I need to stick with the savory or else the jeans get a little snug.

This is getting predictable, but I started with a simple roasted side dish.

I sliced up the beauties, tossed them in olive oil, salt and pepper, and added some remaining sage from the garden for delicious flavor (there hasn’t been a deep freeze cold enough to kill the sage yet).   Crisped sage is an unexpected, delightful little treat.

Those bunnies don’t know what they are missing.



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