Brussels Sprout Salad or How I Learned to Eat

As a child, I was brought up to believe that food was comfort. Not in the “I’m having a bad day, I think I’ll eat this pie” way, but in the We’ve worked hard all day, let’s all sit down to eat something delicious” kind of way. My parents also verged on the edge of being hippies. We had an elaborate garden full of veggies, cut wood to heat our home and I recall sprouts growing in the refrigerator and carob chips on the pantry. We ate in a way that was plain, filling and simple. But two things that we would have on occasion as treats were canned smoked oysters and Brussels sprouts.
My parents would try to discourage us from eating them, saying they weren’t very good. Perhaps they were unaware of reverse psychology because my siblings and I are fond of both, but Brussels sprouts especially. Nowadays, you can find them fresh on a more regular basis. We did pick some from our share harvest event. But yesterday a trip to the new local Costco yielded some real beauties. I can’t wait to eat them. You probably won’t like them though. 😉

Here is what I did…I cut the stems off of the sprouts and cut them into quarters while I fried some bacon. I coarsely chopped the bacon and put it in a skillet over medium heat. I generously salt and peppered it and then I let it cook until some of the outer leaves of the sprouts were crispy and browned. I plan to share this as is or with goat cheese crumbles and a nutty vinaigrette . Yum!


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