Best Chocolate Chip Cookie


I was going through Jim Lahey’s new pizza cookbook, My Pizza, and when I got to the desserts I realized I had everything to make his chocolate chip cookies. I wasn’t feeling very well but when you have all the ingredients you are sort of bound to make them. Right? And cookies are a homeopathic remedy for congestion. But it turned out I was out of eggs. I needed one egg. Hey, who doesn’t like to run to the store in -30 wind chills to get an egg? This guy doesn’t. But in my mind I was already creaming the butter. So out I went. And it was totally worth it.

Lahey is the guy behind the Sullivan St. Bakery in New York. He became famous for his no-knead bread that you bake in a preheated casserole dish and end up with a perfect crust. If you haven’t tried it you must. He has inventive ideas about getting commercial oven results at home. His pizza book promises a solid replica of a wood-fired crust at home. You know, the kind usually baked for 90 seconds at somewhere around 900 degrees. I haven’t tried it yet but he heats a stone at 500 near the broiler, then hits it with the broiler for a few minutes to get the stone even hotter. The pizza then cooks for just a few minutes under the broiler on the hot stone. Am I excited? Yes! See that exclamation point? That’s how excited I am.

Anyway, the cookies were fantastic. He blasts them at 500 for 6 minutes and they come out with a crisp bottom and edge, and a wonderfully light, soft middle. And these aren’t overly sweet, one of the reasons I usually don’t go for a chocolate chip cookie. But this was just right.

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