Culinary neologisms

Last night our co-bloggers and a few other friends joined us at the North Dakota Museum of Art fundraising dinner. It was a delight, and a worthy cause. The food (menu at the last link) started strong and got worse, descending from a wonderful cheese plate to a solid soup, a mediocre pork chop, and an opera cake I am quite certain was from Sara Lee.

All of this got me thinking of coining a new word for a meal that starts strong and gets progressively worse (a newly-invented word is of course a neologism, and word nerds will enjoy the Washington Post’s neologism contests).

We considered various options, including “cul-de-sencion,” “gastrolapse,” and “foodunition” before landing on the winner: “deculination.” Congrats to JH, the coiner of the term, which I think it perfect. Anyone with other ideas can post them in the comments.



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