Avacado salad by Diane


I have recently discovered the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I’ve been profoundly affected by the concept of leaning in and have a greater understanding for many of my past decisions, both personally and professionally. Sandberg has created a monster…now I find myself thinking about gender in nearly every circumstance…so it’s not surprising that my ongoing examination of gender has made its way into the kitchen.

So many of the well known professional chefs whose work I admire are men. I am less familiar with female chefs, but I know that they are out there. (In fact, we have one of the best around in Fargo, of all places.) So I did a Google on the YouTubes and discovered this amazing woman. This salad is from her cookbook (which is getting rave reviews) and Stuart proclaimed that it was restaurant quality.

And apparently that can be hard to find, even in the fanciest of places. Seriously funny. (And really, what is more disappointing than a bad meal out when you are expecting fabulous? Which is why where to go out to eat can be an agonizing decision in our house.)

I’m leaning in all over the place. And now in the kitchen. What’s next?


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