Carrot waffles


I am a fairly serious amateur endurance athlete. I used to run marathons, and now I have moved to triathlons. At this point, I’m training for Ironman Madison in September.

Last year, I did a half ironman in Georgia. I just about had a major bonk when my nutrition plan, which consisted of eating as much Gu as I could stomach, turned out to be as total a failure as it sounds in print (I still use Gu, but now in moderation and not as a substitute for real food). Since then, I have been trying to figure out a way to eat real food while out exercising, particularly on my bicycle.

This is actually quite a serious problem. When you’re burning that many calories, eating gels and stuff is simply not enough. I recently purchased a book called Food Zone Portables, which promised to provide recipes that could be used to make real food easily consumed while exercising. I’ve only recently started fooling around with it, and the results have been pretty good. Originally I made some rice cakes with blueberries and chocolate, which were very good except I made them too thick. Then I froze them like a doofus, and they tasted terrible when they thawed. That was purely operator error.

Today I made some rice cakes with peanut butter and jell, which taste pretty good. I also decided to try making carrot waffles. They turned out pretty well, although I’m not usually much of a waffle maker (Diane normally handles that for our family). There were not too many ingredients, and I made two fairly large, thick waffles, which I froze in four portions. In retrospect, I probably should’ve made them a little bit thinner. Anyway, I’ll give these a try and see if they do better on my stomach.

NOTE: I am not posting the recipe here, because I am somewhat sensitive about posting recipes from cookbooks (the rice cake one linked above was posted by the authors, so that is fair game). I probably could do it; the state of the law seems to allow it. Nevertheless, I am a little sensitive on that, as the issue is somewhat controversial. Drawing a line between listing ingredients (fine) and exactly how to mix and cook them (maybe not fine) is tricky, and even if we only have like 4 readers (most of whom are relations), I still do not want the aggravation of messing with this. So, if you want this recipe, go to the authors’ website and ask nicely.



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