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I totally judge a book by its cover, especially cookbooks. This looks fab.


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Bedtime smoothie snack attack


A reasonably healthy snack (mangoes, sweet Georgia peach, Haagen Das raspberry sorbet and a dash of ice cold water) that can masquerade as a treat.


And it’s finished every time…

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Bison tartare

“Tartare” means raw. “Bison” means bison. Yum.


I don’t eat testicles


Not nutty about nuts. But Clementine says that it tastes like chicken.

I’ll trust her on that.


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Robert Hall wine dinner at HoDo

I am tempted to live blog this, but I think I will just eat, drink, and enjoy a night out with our co-bloggers.



Road food and bad spelling

I had a nice long bike ride this week, which included a stop at a little gas station/deli for breakfast. It was horrible but delicious, and wonderfully spelled.



Carrot waffles


I am a fairly serious amateur endurance athlete. I used to run marathons, and now I have moved to triathlons. At this point, I’m training for Ironman Madison in September.

Last year, I did a half ironman in Georgia. I just about had a major bonk when my nutrition plan, which consisted of eating as much Gu as I could stomach, turned out to be as total a failure as it sounds in print (I still use Gu, but now in moderation and not as a substitute for real food). Since then, I have been trying to figure out a way to eat real food while out exercising, particularly on my bicycle.

This is actually quite a serious problem. When you’re burning that many calories, eating gels and stuff is simply not enough. I recently purchased a book called Food Zone Portables, which promised to provide recipes that could be used to make real food easily consumed while exercising. I’ve only recently started fooling around with it, and the results have been pretty good. Originally I made some rice cakes with blueberries and chocolate, which were very good except I made them too thick. Then I froze them like a doofus, and they tasted terrible when they thawed. That was purely operator error.

Today I made some rice cakes with peanut butter and jell, which taste pretty good. I also decided to try making carrot waffles. They turned out pretty well, although I’m not usually much of a waffle maker (Diane normally handles that for our family). There were not too many ingredients, and I made two fairly large, thick waffles, which I froze in four portions. In retrospect, I probably should’ve made them a little bit thinner. Anyway, I’ll give these a try and see if they do better on my stomach.

NOTE: I am not posting the recipe here, because I am somewhat sensitive about posting recipes from cookbooks (the rice cake one linked above was posted by the authors, so that is fair game). I probably could do it; the state of the law seems to allow it. Nevertheless, I am a little sensitive on that, as the issue is somewhat controversial. Drawing a line between listing ingredients (fine) and exactly how to mix and cook them (maybe not fine) is tricky, and even if we only have like 4 readers (most of whom are relations), I still do not want the aggravation of messing with this. So, if you want this recipe, go to the authors’ website and ask nicely.


Food and art and Little G

Three of my favorite things – my littlest chicken painting a still life of the cover of one of my favorite cookbooks.



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Stuart returns


It has been a while since I blogged. Diane was cooking a lot, the spring was crazy busy, the weather has been disheartening, etc. Anyway, it is time for me to cook some more, and maybe blog a bit.

Today I chaperoned the kids’ trip to Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton, ND and then worked at home. That left me with a little more time to be creative in the kitchen, as we try to us up some stuff before a grocery run tomorrow (the following may not seem terribly creative, but without the extra time it may have been peanut butter sammich night).

So I made a steak for us all, which I served with homemade pesto for the adults.


I also made a nice gratin of fennel and potatoes (pictured above). I did not have cream, and I did not want cream calories, so I made a creamless adaptation (based on this, or look here). It ended up more like a nice pan of roasted veggies with cheese, but using the mandoline always makes you feel fancy.

Finally, the coup de grace – cheaters brussels sprouts. I roasted a bag from Trader Joes, but I added some homemade pesto, and it was really quite delightful.


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Avacado salad by Diane


I have recently discovered the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I’ve been profoundly affected by the concept of leaning in and have a greater understanding for many of my past decisions, both personally and professionally. Sandberg has created a monster…now I find myself thinking about gender in nearly every circumstance…so it’s not surprising that my ongoing examination of gender has made its way into the kitchen.

So many of the well known professional chefs whose work I admire are men. I am less familiar with female chefs, but I know that they are out there. (In fact, we have one of the best around in Fargo, of all places.) So I did a Google on the YouTubes and discovered this amazing woman. This salad is from her cookbook (which is getting rave reviews) and Stuart proclaimed that it was restaurant quality.

And apparently that can be hard to find, even in the fanciest of places. Seriously funny. (And really, what is more disappointing than a bad meal out when you are expecting fabulous? Which is why where to go out to eat can be an agonizing decision in our house.)

I’m leaning in all over the place. And now in the kitchen. What’s next?


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