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And who said I don’t like leftovers?


Last night’s meal by Stuart was Delicioso. Believe it or not, leftover polenta is even better the next day. I made this for breakfast after a long bike ride. My version of a breakfast burrito sans Tortilla…I’m never going for the wrapped version again.

Thank you Stuart. Love, Diane

P.S. Stuart claims I don’t like leftovers. What I really don’t like is bad leftovers.

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So, you’re Lebanese, then?

If you want people to ask you a lot of questions at lunch, then I suggest you have Stuart and Diane send you on your way from a lovely evening at their home with take-away containers.

As I sat down to eat my lunch in the under 30 minutes allotted in my day for such undertakings, I was met with several sets of eyes peering my general direction.

“What’s that?” Asked one onlooker, pointing at my tomato and bean mash up.

“Lebanese food,” was my reply between bites.

“Lebanese food? Why did you make Lebanese food? So, you’re Lebanese, then?”

“Actually, a good friend made us this meal and was generous enough to share the leftovers,” was my reply.

“So, their Lebanese, then?” Queried someone who had just joined the group.

At this point, I was trying my best to simply block all the noise out and just enjoy my lovely lunch in silence.

Later, when I was recounting the tale to Corbett, he laughed and came up with witty replies, as is his way.

“So did you ask any of them if they were Mexican because they were eating tacos, or Italian because of the spaghetti on their plates?” He’s good, isn’t he.

And no, I’m not Lebanese. But I sure enjoyed having Lebanese food for dinner and for lunch. Even if I was faced with a barrage of questions during my lunch break.

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